Substance prevention in Universities

Raising concerns about the harmful effects of substance abuse, gambling and excessive gaming is the responsibility of the entire university community. The sooner a substance abuse, gaming or gambling problem is brought up with the student before it gets out of hand, the easier it is to influence the situation.

Kaksi naista puhaltaa saippuakuplia.

KUPLA “Students reforming substance use culture” project was jointly organised by EHYT and Nyyti, and was implemented between 2018 and 2020. Partners in the programme included the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland (SAMOK), Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) and the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

The aim of the project was to support the well-being of university/UAS students and their ability to study, improve the abilities of higher education communities to prevent harm caused by substance use, and promote communality and an accessible student culture.

Materials for guidance/teaching personnel, student event organizers, tutor trainers and tutors

You will find all the tools and materials here.

Addictionlinks Audit test for alcohol use.

KUPLA Tutor training
The tutor’s role
Planning tutoring activities
The tutor’s group leadership skills and safe atmosphere
Acknowledging diversity and inclusiveness in tutoring
Study ability and mental well-being
The role of substances in student communities

KUPLA Event training for student organisation actives
Event concept workshop
Event safety training
Event communications training
Accessibility in event organising

The Skillful Tutor exercise book
Remote exercises for tutoring
Socially Safer Space
How to raise your concerns –conversation card
Ideas for Well-being Fairs at Universities
Talking about substances at universities –booklet
A guide on raising your concern for universities (in Finnish)
Substance abuse prevention in the university community –poster
Recommendations for university communities for developing and implementing student substance abuse prevention programmes