EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention is a nationwide organisation with nearly 80 employees. Our headquarters is located in Vallila, Helsinki, and most of our personnel work there. Approximately one fourth of EHYT employees work in regional offices in different parts of Finland.

Family on bicycles.
Photo: Jukka Rapo / EHYT

EHYT’s regional offices are located in Lahti, Tampere, Seinäjoki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Oulu. In addition, we manage substance-free Elokolo community centres in Helsinki, Tampere, Pirkkala, Lahti and Turku.


EHYT’s Management Team consists of the Executive Director and the representatives of different departments. The Executive Director leads the operations of the entire organisation and the Heads of Department have the responsibility for leading and developing their departments.

In cooperation with different units, the Management Team is responsible for the overall steering of the organisation and ensures that the goals set for the organisation are achieved in line with shared operating principles. The Management Team is responsible for handling the administrative matters of the organisation.

The Extended Management Team consists of the members of the Management Team, the Heads of Units and a specialist who works under the Executive Director.

First and foremost, the Extended Management Team is a forum for planning, monitoring and developing the operations of the organisation and for developing supervisory work.

Management Team members:

Juha Mikkonen, Executive Director
Ilmo Jokinen, Head of Department (Young People)
Heikki Luoto, Head of Development
Jiri Damski, Head of Department (Regional and Organisational Cooperation)
Päivi Tiittanen, Head of Communications
Marika Vartiainen, Head of Department (Adults)
Kari Vuorinen, Head of Finance and Administration

Management Team’s secretary Oona Raatikainen