Substance prevention education for secondary schools

EHYT's drug education for secondary schools support young peoples' health knowledge by offering information on intoxicants and discussing different perspectives on well-being and substance use together as a group. The Hubu-training offer an open dialogue about intoxicants and substance use and engages both parents and school staff to discuss matters related to alcohol, nicotine products and drugs with youth.

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The voting was a fun way to participate. I learned a lot about snuss, cigarettes, alcohol and my classmates and their point of view

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Lessons for secondary school students in grade 7-9, staff meeting for school personnel and a parent meeting for students’ parents. Parent and staff meetings are offered together with the lessons and are included in the package. Scroll down for more info on content.


Hubu® is a substance prevention method based on interactive voting, which challenges students, parents, and school staff to discuss issues related to substance use. The lessons provide the basis for the parents’ meeting and staff meeting and give valuable information about the students’ attitudes and thoughts on intoxicants and substance use.

Lessons are offered as 1 x 75 min or 2 x 45 min. We follow the schools’ own distribution of lesson hours.


Young people’s attitudes to alcohol and other drugs are influenced by many things – friends, social media, advertising, and not least, the drinking culture they are surrounded by. Fortunately, research shows that there are many things adults can do to help prevent problematic substance use. Teenagers often want to share their thoughts and opinions by engageing in conversation, rather than listen to one-sided information. The aim of the lessons is to critically explore the topics together and support students to make well informed choices.

The interactive method enables participants to obtain up-to-date information on young peoples’ substance-related attitudes and experiments. The lessons complement health education in secondary school with topics listed in the national curriculum.


Hubu®-lessons adress nicotine products, alcohol, and drugs, as well as protective factors in young people’s lives that prevent substance abuse and promote health. During Hubu®-lessons students get to vote anonymously on different questions regarding well-being and use of intoxicants. Voting allows all students to participate and share their views. Questions vary for grades 7-9. The aim is to create a safe space for discussion, where the students share ideas and thoughts on intoxicants on a general level, rather than personal experiences.

The class vote is shown to the students and used to support the conversation. The vote gives students insight into the current situation and a chance to explore classmates’ views. Students’ perceptions and voting results are then addressed at the staff meeting and parent’s meeting and provides current information on the schools’ students’ experiences of intoxicants.

Staff meeting

The staff meeting can be held after the Hubu® lessons at the end of the day, or separately as a part of other teacher training. The duration of the meeting can be between 30 – 60 min, depending on what the school prefers. More time provides a better opportunity for discussion which benefits the staff. The meeting offers current information on intoxicants and insights from the lessons with the students. Staff members are provided with guidance and advice for future preventive work at the school.

Parents’ meeting

The duration of the parents’ meeting is 60 min. The meeting provides current information about intoxicants, the students’ thoughts from the lessons, as well as advice on how to talk about substance use and intoxicants at home. Parents are given the opportunity to bring up concerns regarding intoxicants and get information about preventive actions. Parents’ meetings that are held as part of other school events directed to parents gather more participants than a single Hubu® parent meeting. This benefits both the school and the parents.


Lessons are priced by day. Day price includes lessons, a staff meeting and a parents’ meeting and covers educators travel expenses. More extensive packages are available subject to separate negotiations. 

One training day with 2 x 45 min lessons includes 3 groups max.
One training day with 1 x 75 min lessons includes 4 groups max.

1 day (max 3-4 groups) 380 € per day / educator
More than 3 days
300 € per day / educator
Additional groups (1 group/day) 90 € / educator

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