Game education for primary and secondary schools

EHYT’s game education for primary and secondary schools support young people’s media literacy and increases both students’, parents' and teachers' digital gaming knowledge. Parents' evenings and staff meetings offer information on how young people think of games and how to support a positive and safe gaming culture in order to prevent possible negative effects.

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It was different and fun to get to talk about gaming in school. Adults should get these lessons!

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Lessons for students in grades 1–9 and parent-teacher meetings to students’ parents/guardians and school staff. Content of instruction is grade specific and varies between primary and secondary schools. Lessons are offered in English, Finnish and Swedish.


The lessons increase students’ digital gaming knowledge and healthy gaming skills. The lessons include learning to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of gaming, and discussions on time use and life management in order to maintain a balanced everyday life. Parent’s evenings increase parents’ knowledge about gaming culture as part of young people’s lives and encourages them to actively take part in game education at home. Duration of one lesson is 45 min. One training day includes a maximum of 5 lessons per day.

For the best benefit of the training, it is advisable to book a parents’ evening and a staff meeting, as well as lessons for the students. Parents’ evenings are offered either separately or included in a package together with lessons. Staff training is offered when combined with lessons at the school.  More extensive packages are available subject to separate negotiations.


Young people’s ability to understand and interpret media as well as life management are skills that develop with age. Digital gaming is an important part of media education, practiced at homes and school. A constructive dialogue about gaming between children, parents and the school supports a positive and safe gaming culture and prevents problems related to excessive gaming.  

Game education lessons 

EHYT’s game education lessons are 45 min lessons that examine the pros and cons of gaming by engaging students in joint discussion about digital gaming and related phenomena. The aim of the lessons is to increase students’ abilities to understand digital gaming as part of a wider phenomenon as well as in relation to their own personal lives. Trivia questions are used to encourage student participation. Lessons address game content, age ratings, gaming etiquette and time management. Social media and online safety is included in lessons for older students from grade 5 and 6 onwards. Lessons for secondary schools cover digital gaming and social media culture in relation to online safety more widely. 75 min lessons can be offered upon request.

Parents’ evenings 

The parents’ evening is a 90 min event about digital gaming that offers information about the gaming world and tools to promote a safe and balanced gaming culture at home. The parents’ evening offers a good opportunity too share good practices between parents and bring up concerns. The aim is to increase parents’ and guardians’ knowledge about digital gaming as a part of young people’s lives as well as offer advice on how parents can support gaming as a balanced hobby and prevent problems related to excessive gaming.

We suggest that parents’ evenings are to be combined with lessons for the students, for the best benefit of the training. Participants are provided with a material kit about gaming education.

Staff meeting / Teachers info

Teachers have a chance to update their knowledge about children’s and young people’s digital gaming with a 60 min staff meeting. The meeting offers information on digital gaming, gaming education and addresses the advantages and disadvantages of gaming. The staff meeting is only offered together with lessons for the students. The training is directed to professionals working within education. Staff requests are considered when organizing the training. Participants are provided with a material kit about gaming education.


Lessons are priced by day.

Day prices are listed below. Day price includes lessons, a staff meeting and a parents’ meeting and covers educators travel expenses.

One training day with 1 x 45 min lessons includes 5 groups max.
One training day with 1 x 75 min lessons includes 4 groups max.

1 day (max 5 groups)380 € per day / educator
More than 3 training days300 € per day / educator
Separate parents’ evening 1,5 h    live/ remote240/200€ / educator

For more information and bookings

Krista Lindberg.

Schulman Krista

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How does the school prepare for the lessons?

The school will plan a schedule for assigned groups, so that each group works with us 1 x 45 min. Let us know your desired number of groups. We hope you can provide a space that is equipped with a projector and a screen/whiteboard. Power Point-presentation is used during the lessons. When planning the schedule, please be clear in which classroom/space lessons are held for each group.

Amount of participants per group

The preferred amount of students in one group is max. 30 persons. Combining students from different groups may affect the group dynamic and student participation, which is why it is advised to have the students remain in the group that they are familiar with. In order for every group to get a lesson that suits their educational needs, we suggest you asses whether students in need of special support/education participates with the rest of the group or in their own group. Lessons can be adapted to suit everyone’s needs. Let us know about any specific requirements.

Planning the schedule

The lessons are scheduled according to the schools’ own distribution of lesson hours. Scheduling of the lessons may vary depending on the amount of groups, the scheduled date, and available educators. The schools’ wishes are considered when organizing the training. One training day with 1 x 45 min lessons includes 5 groups max.