EHYT works closely with educational institutions, parents and school staff to support the school-based preventive work. Our interactive training engages all counterparts to discuss intoxicants and gaming, and offers practical advice to support students' safe and healthy development.

Through open discussion, we are more able to help students build a healthy and safe set of values that support their personal ability to make good choices.

Efforts to prevent substance abuse and promote student health and well-being contribute directly to academic performance and student success. Game education and substance use prevention not only increases the well-being of students, but affects the whole learning environment positively. EHYT offers schools interactive lessons in substance prevention and game education, including parent-teacher meetings and training for school staff. Education is provided for both primary schools, secondary schools and upper secondary schools.

Our training aims to increase knowledge about intoxicants and gaming culture, discuss attitudes and social situations related to substance use and gaming, as well as offer tools to prevent youths’ substance use and reduce harmful gaming. We provide interactive education that takes young peoples’ views into account and support the learning objectives found in the national curriculum. All education is offered in English, Finnish and Swedish.