EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention is a non-profit organisation working for the common good. The majority of our operations are funded with public grants intended to promote well-being and health across Finnish society. In addition, a small share of the operations is funded by sources such as private grants and participation fees.

Family standing in a forest and raising their hands.
Photo: Jukka Rapo / EHYT

Government grants are the key source of funding for organisations. The most significant provider of funding for social welfare and health organisations is the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The funding application process is coordinated by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA), which also supervises their use.

Approximately 79 per cent of EHYT’s income comes from grants from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The share of other grants is approximately 14 per cent. EHYT’s operations are financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the European Union, Stiftelsen BMR and the City of Helsinki, among others.

In some of our operations, we collect fees. For instance, it has been considered necessary to collect participation fees for certain training. EHYT also collects funds and donations with a fundraising licence granted by the National Police Board. EHYT’s other income accounts for approximately 7 per cent of the organisation’s total income. Donations, fundraising and cooperation with companies will play an increasingly significant role in enabling the organisation’s operations in the future. 

The grants and donations received are used to fund operations in compliance with EHYT’s rules, such as the prevention and reduction of the harm caused by substance abuse and the promotion of people’s health. Project grants make the development of new operations possible.

The State monitors whether the grants it gives are used for the purpose which they have been applied for. The grants are based on applications and detailed annual reports on the effectiveness of operations, their impact and the use of funding. 

Volunteering is a special characteristic in NGO operations and a great asset. It has been estimated that the monetary value of volunteering to the Finnish society is up to EUR 3 billion. Due to the diversity of our society, municipalities and companies are also making efforts to engage volunteers in their operations. Non-profit organisations contribute to the realisation of a free civic society as their operations support the State’s activities.

On the other hand, it has also been necessary for organisations to adopt a company-based approach in their service operations. At EHYT, employees and volunteers work together to prevent the harm caused by substance abuse, gaming and gambling and to help people suffering from related problems.

EHYT’s operating income in 2022 totalled approximately EUR 5.9 million, consisting of the general grant and approximately 20 individual project and operating grants.

Wages, salaries and remuneration accounted for approximately 72 per cent of the organisation’s expenses and expenses related to premises for roughly 7 per cent. The remainder of expenses constituted of operating expenses and obligatory personnel expenses. During the year, wages, salaries and remuneration were paid to 192 people. Wages and salaries were paid to 118 employees, 26 of whom were hired from among the unemployed with support measures. Remuneration was paid to 74 people. Of these, 30 were training network trainers and 44 other remuneration recipients.