Talking about substances at universities –booklet

The Talking about substances at universities –booklet is intended to help the personnel of a university or university of applied sciences in a situation in which a student raises cause for concern and intervention seems difficult.

The booklet provides four steps for dealing with the subject of substance abuse in institutions of higher education as well as a list of support services the student can be referred to and where you can find further information.

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The materials were produced as part of the KUPLA “Students reforming substance use culture” project (2018–2020).

KUPLA was jointly organised by EHYT and Nyyti, and the aim of the project was to support the well-being of higher education students and their ability to study, improve the abilities of university and university of applied sciences communities to prevent harm caused by substance use, and promote communality and an accessible student culture.

KUPLA encourages open discussion regarding substance use and matters related to well-being-in university communities.