What to do if you’re afraid while walking in the city? (video)

This video is meant to educate the child to act safely in scary situations. Adults who work with children can use the video to teach the child safety skills in different environments such as at school and home.

Watch the video together with the child and learn how the police advise children to act in unsafe situations. Talk about things that feel scary and things that bring safety when moving alone.

The video is subtitled in Finnish and in English.

The video is part of the project of Kaupunki kuuluu kaikille (2022-2024).

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Read more about the project of Kaupunki kuuluu kaikille (2022-2024) in Finnish.

Sponsor of the video: City of Helsinki. The video has been published with the permission of the City of Helsinki.

Video author: Tussitaikurit Oy / Marker Wizards Ltd.